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Masseuses from Relax & Go

All our Relax&Go masseurs are fully qualified and are experienced in providing a professional and respectful service. They all hold a diploma from the training institute Touch Pro®Europe in Rotterdam and their professional standards are maintained by an annual refresher course in various forms of chair massage and RSI prevention.

Frances Walker followed a ‘Deep Tissue Massage’ training and qualified as a professional yoga teacher in the US. Thereafter she completed the three year Iyengar Yoga Teachers’ Training course and furthermore qualified as a Touch Pro® chair massage therapist in 1998. Apart from regularly giving chair massages to the employees of a number of businesses in and round Amsterdam she is also one of a small group of masseurs regularly employed by ‘Koan Float’ float and massage centre on the Herengracht in Amsterdam.

Her choice of this career path springs from her wish to devote her life contributing to the well-being of her fellow human beings.

Frances Walker – qualified masseuse and founder of Relax & Go.

Wat does Relax & Go do?

Relax&Go provides a short, effective, pressure point massage to shoulders, neck, back, arms, hands and head, that is specially developed for people at their place of work. A complete massage takes about twenty minutes. During the session you keep your clothes on-no use is made of oil. Whilst you sit on a specially designed ergonomic chair, the masseur does his/her work.

The most important feature of chair massage is that it actually prevents physical and mental complaints. Having a chair massage is the human equivalent of having one’s car serviced. Regular chair massage is a well-tried method of relieving and preventing stress and the accompanying physical complaints such as neck pain, headache, low back problems, RSI, stomach problems and sleeplessness.

After a chair massage you feel relaxed and full of energy, and this improves your productivity.

Work pressure, stress and the results

Long days with few breaks or moments of relaxation, these are typical of today’s work situation. The Dutch are thought to experience the greatest pressure of work of all the peoples of Europe. If this pressure of work is not off-set by exercise and relaxation, detrimental effects on the health can result, even leading to disability. The Relax&Go chair massage is a service designed to prevent such health problems.

This is how we set to work.

If you decide to employ Relax&Go for chair massages one of our professional masseurs will arrange to come to your premises, taking her own massage chair with her. All you have to do is to provide a quiet room. A small meeting room is sufficient.

A frequency of one massage a fortnight produces the best results, except in the case of established complaints when we recommend one massage a week.

Each of your employees can arrange his or her own massage via our on-line reservation system. This obviates the need to set up your own administrative system.

The results

  • Blood circulation is stimulated
  • Muscles and joints become supple
  • Immune system is strengthened
  • Stress is reduced
  • Tiredness is reduced
  • Stress-related headaches disappear
  • The mind becomes clear and alert
  • Energy levels are increased

What does a chair massage cost?

A chair massage lasts 20 minutes and costs €22,- (ex.VAT-BTW).

For new clients we offer a free introductory one hour of massages without any further commitments. During this hour three of your people can experience a 20 minute massage first hand. This is the best way to experience and assess the value of chair massage. (A modest contribution towards our travel costs may be asked for clients outside Amsterdam).

Further attractive savings are possible for clients who agree a contract of 10 massages or more. Your personnel are a valuable company asset and one day’s illness can cost the average company €280 per employee. Prevention is better than cure.

Tax advantages

Since the tax authorities recognize chair massage as a method of reducing absenteeism through sickness, the costs of employing a chair masseur are fully tax deductible. Furthermore the BTW that is added to the costs of chair massage can be deducted from the company’s tax liability.

The above advantages apply as long as:

  • Chair massage is formally included in the company’s ARBO (working conditions) plan
  • The massages are given at the place of work and during working hours
  • The employee need not contribute him/herself to the costs.

Get to know us and book a free hour, with no further obligation!

Chair massage Research

University of Maastricht

Research has been conducted among companies who offered chair massage at least once a week to their employees over an extended period of time. The results:


  • 63%  of the people surveyed observed a decrease in repetitive strain injury (RSI)
  • 67% of the people detected a decrease in the number of physical complaints. Indeed, the overall complaint level dropped by an average of 59%
  • The positive effects were found to be noticeable after a mere 3 chair massages
  • 79.9% noted an increase in concentration and mental fatigue as well as significantly reduced symptoms of physical tension.

Hospital Staff

Hospital Staff in one study found chair massage to:

  • Improve their overall state of mind
  • Decrease tension and physical pain in their body
  • Increase an overall feeling of relaxation
  • Increase alertness
  • Decrease stress

International Journal of Neuroscience

A group of US researchers, in collaboration with the University of Miami, James Madison University, the University of Maryland, and Duke University Medical School, developed a study on stress at work to determine the effects of massage on work-related stress, anxiety, productivity and job satisfaction. The following were the results:


  • Participants indicated that they felt less tired and were able to think more clearly
  • The EEC alpha, beta and theta waves turned into waves that correspond with increased alertness
  • At the end of the study mathematical problems were solved in about half the time with approximately 50% fewer mistakes than at the beginning
  • Anxiety levels were significantly reduced by the end of the month
  • The massage therapist indicated that the participants at the end of the study felt much more relaxed

What our clients say:

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